Ludger Woessmann

Ludger Woessmann is Professor of Economics, especially Economics of Education, at the University of Munich, and Director of the Ifo Center for the Economics of Education and Innovation. He received his Ph.D. from Kiel University and his Habilitation from Technical University Munich, and he holds degrees from the Universities of Kent at Canterbury, Marburg, and the Advanced Studies Program at the Kiel Institute for World Economics, where he also worked before moving to Munich.

His main research interests are in the economics of education, with special focus on microeconometric analyses of international student achievement tests, in the determinants of economic growth, and in economic history. His research has been published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, the Journal of Economic Literature, the Economic Journal, and the European Economic Review. He has been the 2009/10 National Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and has spent extended research visits at Harvard University and the National Bureau of Economic Research. He is a Fellow of the International Academy of Education and Member of the Academic Advisory Council of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. Currently, he coordinates the EU-funded European Expert Network on the Economics of Education (EENEE), a forum to promote and disseminate research on the Economics of Education in Europe.